Advancing Research in Multiple Sclerosis

ARMS fosters innovative research 

to improve quality of life for people with MS

seeks to discover its cause and cure.

If you have ever done needlework, you will recognize the embroidery hoop.
This crewelwork depicts brain lesions, and we think of this as "Cruel Crewel."


Advancing Research on MS Progression

ARMS fosters new research that is patient-centered and addresses unmet needs.   Our first endorsed study is the MS Progression and Aging Study under the direction of Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, MD, the Director of the Jacobs Multiple Sclerosis Center for Treatment and Research at UBMD Neurology.

Despite the many advances made in the treatment of MS over the last 2 decades, most people with MS have still been shown to transition to the more progressive  phase of the disease within 15 years of diagnosis.  This study will identify how several factors, some of which CAN be modified, influence MS progression over time.  Diet, and other lifestyle factors, including smoking and physical activity level, medicationsgenetic profile, lipid levels, as well as environmental factorssuch as exposure to specific viruses, are all being studied.