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Allison Drake

Allison Drake has been actively involved in clinical research since 2006. Much of her research has been in the study of motor and cognitive functioning in people living with multiple sclerosis (pwMS). It endeavors to evaluate the impact of MS on the lives of those living with MS. Specifically, investigating how MS might impact the way people perform at work, or how changes in motor functioning might impact quality of life.

She was thrilled to be invited to join ARMS in 2015, and truly values the ARMS mission—to facilitate collaboration with researchers and to help promote research that has the potential to directly improve the lives of those living with MS.

Allison is currently working on her PhD in Psychology at the University of Buffalo. She holds a MS in Immunology from UB, as well as a BS in Psychology/Biology at Union College. She is also an active member of the Albright Knox Art Gallery Convergence Council, dedicated to increasing community access and exposure to the arts.

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