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Our Mission

ARMS fosters innovative research to:

Improve quality of life for those with Multiple Sclerosis

Discover new insights that can  lead to a cure  for  Multiple Sclerosis

This photo shows a family enjoying the a walk at the beach. People with progressive MS know how difficult or even impossible it is to to walk on sand. ARMS hopes for a day when there is a cure for MS.

About ARMS

Advancing Research in MS (ARMS)  was formed in 2013 by a diverse group of individuals whose lives have been significantly shaped by multiple sclerosis (MS).  With backgrounds in medical research, education, healthcare, social work,  and in most cases, living with MS, the Founding Board members identified a need to enrich the focus of MS research by integrating the perspectives of people living with MS.  


ARMS seeks to bring the perspectives of people with MS (PwMS) into the process of identifying MS research needs and their priorities as well as the research AIMs

 and study protocols.


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