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ARMS Projects:  Patient-Centric Research and Education 

ARMS has been pleased to work with the University at Buffalo (UB) , Department of Neurology's Jacobs MS Center for Treatment and Research to support patient-centric research that has served both our local community as well as its broader reach through scientific publications.  Information on the  "Data Automation" project and  the "MS Progression" studies, with analyses and publications that continue, are  described under the heading, "ARMS Endorsed Research".  More recently, ARMS has been working with the Jacobs MS Center and UB Department of Pharmacology to evaluate potential research in the area of diet, with emphasis on specific nutrients. 

Patient Education:  ARMS expanded its role into patient education with the organization of the Jacobs MS Center's 2018 and 2020 Wellness Conferences.  Both programs were highly successful in reaching a significant audience of people living with MS to share research findings and update our insights on patient perspectives for further research and education.

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