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Bottom row, left to right: Katherine, Jane. Middle row: Rita, Linda, Penny, Pam, Molly. Top row: Ralph, Lizzie, Bianca, Curtis, Cindy, Murali, Robert.

The ARMS Board of Directors

ARMS is a grassroots organization open to anyone who wants to make a direct impact on MS through research

In the spring of 2013, seven women in Buffalo, New York, whose lives have all been touched by MS in some way, met to explore what they could do collectively to foster MS research in areas that would be important to patients and their friends and families.

All the founders know well how devastating this disease can be -- for most, they themselves or their family members have Multiple Sclerosis.

We invite you to meet the ARMS board members by viewing the bios and we hope you will go on to become a member yourself (it's free!). As a member, you will be able to let us know what areas of research you'd like to encourage for future ARMS-endorsed research..

Allison Drake Link

Jane Montgpmery Link

Penny Pennington Link

Katherine Sacca Link

Pam Jacobs Vogt Link

Former board members

Rita Andolina Link

Elizabeth Jacobs Link

Linda Safran Link

Pam Jacobs, Lizzie Jacobs, Jane Montgomery, Kristy Mazurek, Rita Andolina ("holding" Linda Safran), Penny Pennington, and Cindy Mang.

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